Relieve stress and Restore Emotional Equilibrium


Reflexology is a type of massage that focuses on stimulating the reflexes in your hands and feet to improve overall wellness. It stimulates the nerve endings, increases circulation, and promotes a healthy state of wellbeing.

Reflexology can help release stress and discomfort stored in the body, to help regulate you back to a state of emotional equilibrium. 


"Be unapologetically focused on realizing your dreams!"

Who starts a business during a national pandemic? Me! 

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a hairstylist, so I became one. My dad was going to help me open my own salon, but that dream died when he passed away shortly after I finished my training. 

I’ve worked at many different places over the years. I even had my own business with a partner, but something was always missing. 

Fast forward to the present. I’m excited to announce that Halo Salon has become a reality! So many people have touched my heart along the way to make it all happen! I’m blessed beyond measure! 

Thank you to all who have supported me!

Marlee W.

Jennifer Milletics

You can tell she really cares about her work and is very determined to perform perfectly. It was a comfortable and relaxing experience altogether.

Kris K.

The Venue

Very friendly, laid back, relaxing atmosphere. Stylists are very knowledgeable and helpful. Always happy with my results when I leave,

Cassandra M.

Tanya Caine

Tanya knew exactly what to do with my hair to bring it back to life. Knowing I don’t get my hair done often, she colored my hair in a way that would require low maintenance. I highly recommend Tanya and will definitely be back for my next haircut and color!