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Reflexology Services

Reflexology is a relaxing massage that uses an acupressure technique on the hands, feet, face, and ears to stimulate blood supply and reflex points. This massage technique has been around for thousands of years and most cultures have a form of it in their wellness and spa routines. Some say reflexology is an alternative medical care, while others say it is a glorified massage. While we are not doctors and will never diagnose or give medical advice, we aim to alleviate moderate pain, and stress that has been stored in your body through this restful and restorative approach to wellness.

30 Minute Relaxation Reflexology

Get a short but satisfying taste of the therapeutic comfort of reflexology in this 30 minute relaxation session. 



60 Minute Thai Reflexology

Spend time relaxing while having your hands and feet gently rubbed and stimulated through acupressure in this 60 minute session.


90 Minute Thai Reflexology

Receive the luxurious full package, soak and rest your feet from a long day, then enjoy a complete Thai Reflexology treatment - knees to toes, elbows to fingertips.



Mini Reflexology

Add a brief reflexology session onto your existing hair appointment or manicure/pedicure appointment to elevate your salon experience for the ultimate relaxation and comfort!


What Our Clients Say

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"Scheduled an appointment with Katie for reflexology. I was carrying a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders, so much so my shoulders were lifted higher than normal, more so on the left side. After one hour with her, all the tension I was carrying there was completely gone and shoulders lined up. So thankful. Highly recommend!"